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Not many folks can make reading about golf attire and logos interesting and entertaining. Well done. Love to get together soon for a drink and visit.


In all fairness, I should have made reference to having made equally malevolent commentary about amateur golf at Playboy of Lake Geneva (WI) where I once toiled. Something immeasurably awful happens when men in positions of authority with no knowledge of golf wind up running a resort whose goodies include a couple of golf courses. A cursory search yielded nothing (I thought it was among a collection of a dozen or so about Hefner & Co.) so maybe I'll get around to it one of these days.

Thanks for your thoughts. I really appreciate them and look forward to a drink and conversation. Maybe that Happy Hour (early) at Hearthfire?


It's a savvy move, given the fact that "Palomine," which became a hit on college radio in the States

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