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What a gift! Thanks, Bob, for giving me something else to look forward to.

Hi, Lynn

How nice to hear from you. Am in Hawaii trying to figure out that comment in a Herald weather story made by Weatherman Colman who observed salt "doesn't do much." As a one-time resident of Chicago for 22 years, I observed the relatively slow destruction of cars there due to salt.

On the other hand, salt on 'hamster streets might very well provide even more subdued excitement for us.


Hello, Lynn

Thanks so much for the kind words. Posted a reply
to you on the Sidebars blog today.

To: bichonz3@msn.com

Would the wolrd be better if women ruled everything & mens roles were to just
be our sex toys & pleasure thing?

Estoy muy agradecido por otra informaciĆ³n importante para compartir, aquĆ­ en tu post.

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