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Thanks Bob, Last Thursday, I had my Opening at the Gage Gallery. Over 150 people, including several that I thought were dead, that were not... A guy who I photographed 32 years ago and he brought photos to prove it,as well as several old timers from the cheap seats( when they were)who now makes a great living as a ticket scalper... I don't mind that anymore, especially when many of his customers are Cardinal Fans, Met Fans or YUPPIES ( Remember, one YUPPIE is ONE TOO MANY in any Ballpark!)and a guy who has a "Friendly Confines"Rickshaw, and takes fans around the ballpark. He often gave Carmella the Royal Treatment, and she responded like the Queen of England... waving at her fans and blowing kisses. Someday, I am going to have an exhibit of My life, as the Bleacher Preacher with my life size Voodoo Doll( I still have pain in my right arm...Voodoo elbow from lugging it around the Friendly Confines, My Solar battery pith helmet with a solid gold propeller on it, and an array of my signs PLUCK THE RED BIRDS, I LOVE TO HATE THE METS, and ANDRE MAKES OUR DAY EVERYDAY! And the one that Carmella proudly held... My Name is Carmella, I am 100 YEARS YOUNG and a CUB-A-HOLIC!
Again, like Bob Hope used to say...THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES and SIDEBAR mentions... Jerry

Good to hear from you Jerry but sorry to hear about the voodoo elbow. Dolls can get a guy into all kinds of trouble but the voodoo doll elbow is wild. Have you checked for any Windy City Tommy Johns whizzes?
I once had a Magnussen Relocation performed by a Dr. Thompson (Northwestern Hospital) who used to work on Chicago Bears. The shoulder operation followed my fall rounding first base while playing softball for the Playboy team. We didn't have a very good club but the bat girls were sensational.
Glad your exhibit is such a success.
I'll hoist a martini tonight to you and Carmella.

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