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Ho,there, Generic
What a challenge you offer. I'm going to consult with my wife who did a lot of meditation while living the better part of a year in India.

Perhaps she will let me know more about of which you write.

Bob Sanders

Not only did the spite wall deny Eden Rocers sunshine, it also didn't take a lot of architectural expertise to realize that the wall was ugly; the side facing sun-less swimmers had no windows with the exception of a penthouse suite lived in by Novak who took great delight in looking down upon the gigantic shadow produced by his contribution to the architectural feud. Not a nice man.

What pitch is the violin chromatic tuner supposed to be on when I tune my violin?
I'm trying to tune my violin and I don't know what pitch, I'm supposed to set my chromatic tuner on..... 440, 435, 460. Please advise.

Hi, there, Mr. Citrate

What a complicated world this has become. Are you standing up, sitting down or standing on your head while playing? I suggest trying all three pitches although look out for 460. It's the infamous slider.

Best wishes in your violin endeavors. Remember, Paganini never had it so good.

Bob Sanders

i like this part of this blog:"In 1996 Murphy was elected to something called the East Coast Surf Legends Hall of Fame whose inductees that first year included legends Colin Couture, Skip Savage, Charlie Bunger and Peter Pan. Most assuredly, I don't make up these things." is very good

Hi, Buy or should I be formal and call you Mr. Viagra?
Glad you enjoyed the Murf graph about East Coast surfing "legends." I would never bet the ranch, even one so humble as mine, on those names being anything other than material for Keith Olbermann.
Bob Sanders

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