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Bob...Growing up in Nebraska in the 40s, I am quite familar with the Rapid Robert story. Thanks for the chuckle. I'm surprised you didn't work Van Lingle Mungo into your story. Maybe next time?!?!

Jim...Glad you enjoyed the Egyptian Conniption. I gather your reference to Van Lingle Mungo is to the Dave Frishberg tune which, by the way, acknowledges two Cleveland Indians: Lou Boudreau and Hal Trosky. The "Boy Manager" is rhymed with Claude Passeau and Trosky with Barney McCosky.
I have fond memories of Nebraska. My second wife, from Grand Island, was the daughter of Arch Jarrell, a newspaper editor who ran Alf Landon's 1936 campaign against FDR. I wrote about the Jarrells a couple of years ago. You might Google Sanford Jarrell (he was the journalistic black sheep of the family) for the full fascinating story.
Again, thanks for your interest.

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